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Aadhar card for a Baby Girl who’s just 22 minutes old .

Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad noted the event with a retweet:
This baby gets #Aadhar within 22 minutes after birth. @_DigitalIndia for #TransformingIndia under @narendramodi
Last year, the UIDAI (the unique identification authority of India) had relaxed its rules to bring children aged under five years under its ambit.

aadhar card name change

The Above Tweet is made by the Union Minister with the photo of the baby girl how 22 minutes old and a aadhar number is being allotted to her . You can read more about the incident below …

Aadhar Card Correction and May more things ……….

is the offical site also you can login to

for the enrollment of the aadhar card and to make any necessary corrections ….  so the baby born 22 minutes earlier is being gifted with the aadhar as the first gift .. Here are the more details ….

So you can learn more things about howand where this happened …

The incident took place in the district of Madhya Pradesh as Last year, the UIDAI (the unique identification authority of India) had relaxed its rules to bring children aged under five years under its ambit.

. So learn how to change name in aadhar card

So follow the above guide and create and change the name , address and many things in the aaadhar card if you have any mistakes or also know the status of the card accoring to you need ….

The UIADI website says, “If an Aadhaar Card of a child below the age of 5 years is created, it will be linked to the parents Aadhaar Card.”


Youtube Adverts charged for the Bot Traffic

The Video Search engine Youtube which as its major earnings from the Advertising . There re millions of Advertisers promoting there small business through this video platform. The Video Search platform as the thousands of uploads per minute all round the world and millions of videos are viewed every day on the site .

youtube adverts

As the Discussion is about the Advertisers it mainly affects the people Internet marketers . The Youtube not only as the human traffic but many bots are being made to crawl the website every second my hackers , marketers and may other people for downloads etc .

By now you are in doubt What is the BOT TRAFFIC ?

The bot traffic is traffic due to bot crawling . The Bot is a Software program designed to crawl the site or to do some tasks etc .

And this Bot Traffic is being counted by the  YouTube Advert platform in calculating the marketing ads . There is a research went through on by few marketers and analysts and found the calculation . Even the algorithms of the Youtube and Google ad platforms are so good but there are these few mistakes done and the major effect id for the small business who rely on the traffic from the YouTube by advertising or trying to buy traffic from YouTube .

Also try to find the good videos at the YouTube : .

The Youtube is good to use platforms and free platform which is an instant hit website from the Google . Try to use youtube and learn many things , if you are the YouTube advertiser then be care full in the Campaign bidding and advertising . Stay tuned to our blog to know more about thing around , you however the blog is related to how to time pass on  holiday s  , we try to educate of readers at our best ,, thank you for reading the post

Windows 10 the latest operating system by Microsoft

Windows 10 is the latest Operating system from the Microsoft . The Microsoft is the software giant which provides the Operating systems since a two decades and more . There are many transforms of the Operating system it is updated and upgraded every time and it comes with improvements to meet the needs and improving technology around the World .

Windows 10

Microsoft is capable and is maintaining the Standards of its Operating system . There are many competitors for Microsoft Operating system Windows . Linux , MAC are the two operating systems giving great competition where the Linux is open source and MAC is costly and fully secured OS available from the APPLE .

Screenshot on MAC

There are many version of the Windows , i will name a few here Windows 98 , Windows 99 , Windows XP , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 and latest Windows 10 .  The Windows 10 is being released on JUNE 29 2015 and is distributed to its existing users of Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 , 7 and XP by direct upgraded fro free . and all the systems are running with this Operating system ,

Cortana the Personal assistant from the Windows is the newly added feature for the system and all the other features are mostly upgraded . The free upgrade is till JULY 29 2016 for free and after that you will have to buy O.S or check the Windows site for more information

Stay tuned to our site and get informed to all our stories we write . Thank you for reading and we appreciate the comments and sharing . You can also share or write any thing you find interesting or also inform us about it so our staff can write on it . We strive hard to write so please share your feeling with us so we can improve

Take Screen captures on MAC , Windows and Android Devices

Take the Screen shot on Different Devices

We want to have the screenshot of something on our MAC or Desktop screen , also the screenshot on our mobile devices .


screenshot on windowws
The screenshot taken on my Windows

How to take screenshot on Windows :

To take a screenshot on the devices with the Windows Operating system . the methot to pick the screenshot is similar in all the devices with the Windows O.S
i.e all existing versions of Windows XP , Windows 7 , 8 , 8.1 and Windows 10 .

The Keyword Short cut to take a screenshot is Press WINDOWS with PRTSC buttons and a screenshot is taken
There is also a software SNIPPING TOOL to take screenshot for any sizes and also mark and write which is pre installed on WINDOWS . Open the software and you will find the dffernt types to take a screenshot . I will write about it in detail in other post .
This is the way to pick the screenshot or screen capture on WINDOWS screen .

snipping tool screenshot
the snipping tool screenshot

How to take Screenshot on MAC :

Taking the screenshot on MAC is similar to the Windows . The screen capture on MAC is simple . Press Buttons COMMAND+SHIFT+4 and the screenshot is taken and COMMAND+SHIFT+3 for taking part of screen or window
and also there are other ways to take a screenshot on MAC but this is the best way to take screen shot .

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How to take screenshot on Smart Phones (Android)

Here i will discuss only about how to take a screen shot on all the Android devices and its so simple . Try to hold POWER button and Volume down Button at a time and your screen shot is taken.

These are the simple methods to take a screenshot on MAC , Screenshot on Windows and